Varlion Bourne Carbon 2 Prisma

Artikkelnr.: V2201037851OS

Oppgrader spillet ditt med Bourne Prisma Carbon 2, designet for spillere som søker kraft og kontroll uten å ofre manøvrerbarhet.

TilbudNOK1 890,00 Førpris:NOK3 490,00 Rabatt -46% inkl. mva.
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  • Prisma Frame: The unique Prisma frame provides better aerodynamics, 10% reduced air resistance, and a smaller contact area with the glass, resulting in greater maneuverability and faster swings.

  • Prisma Bumper: The self-adhesive Prisma bumper reinforces the delicate tip of the racket, providing better protection and durability.

  • Gradual Hole-Tech: The Gradual Holes technology creates smaller holes in the middle and larger holes closer to the frame, compensating for the stiffness of the frame and providing a more homogeneous feel and greater sweetspot.

  • 3K Carbon Fiber Surface: The surface of the racket features 3K carbon fiber, a high-performance material used in well-known brands such as Ferrari, providing superior performance and durability.

  • Slice-Tech: The rough texture of the Slice-Tech surface with curved lines creates more spin and better ball control, helping you dominate the game.