Varlion Summum Pro W Padel Ball

Artikkelnr.: V2202002500OS

Padelball med høy kvalitet fra Varlion. Den er perfekt tilpasset for det nordiske klimaet der det er kjøligere under større deler av året.

PrisNOK79,00 inkl. mva.
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Leveres i et rør med 3 baller.

High-performance ball developed exclusively for paddles that have been developed not only based on the player's playing style (fast or slow), but also on the impact of the environmental and geographical conditions in which it competes (atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature and relative humidity).

Summum Pro W ball is made with more pressure to play in areas at sea level or inland during the winter months or at low temperatures.

The main features are the durability, not only of the ball in terms of number of matches, but also in terms of the quality of performance over time.