Varlion Avant Carbon Ti Difusor Black

Artikkelnr.: V2201053999OS

Løft spillet ditt med Avant Carbon Ti Difusor Black, designet med en elegant og moderne skandinavisk stil som kombineres med overlegen stivhet og stabilitet for å gi deg maksimal kontroll i hvert slag.

TilbudNOK1 190,00 Førpris:NOK2 290,00 Rabatt -48% inkl. mva.
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  • 100% Carbon Fiber Frame: The carbon fiber construction of the frame provides unparalleled rigidity and stability, allowing you to feel safe and confident in every stroke.
  • Difusor Wings Technology: The Difusor technology facilitates the flow of air through the heart of the racket, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable feel during play.

  • Medium-Soft EVA Core: The medium-soft EVA core offers the perfect balance of control, durability, and resistance to harder blows, giving you the ability to play longer and harder.

  • Double Layers of Fiberglass: The double layers of fiberglass on the surface provide a forgiving and easy ball hit while adding power when you need it. The outermost surface layer also helps with spin for screwed blows.

  • Gradual Hole-Tech: The Gradual Holes technology creates smaller holes in the middle and larger holes closer to the frame, resulting in a larger sweet spot and a more forgiving feel for any player.

  • Safety Belt: The safety belt is virtually impossible to tear and provides added protection for the racket during transport and storage.

Elevate your game to the next level with the Avant Cti Difusor Black, perfect for players seeking maximum control, power, and durability in a stylish and versatile racket. Made 100% by hand in Spain in Varlion's own factories, this racket is a true testament to the brand's commitment to quality and innovation.