Stiga Supreme 100 16x19 300gr. Blå/Sort

Artikkelnr.: 3202-0116-12

Nyutviklet tennisracket for avanserte spillere i Stiga`s klassiske, minimalistiske design.

PrisNOK2 490,00 inkl. mva.
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  • Helps you achieve high ball speed in shots and direct your attacks.
  • Made from a combination of unique carbon-fibre layers for maximal performance and durability.
  • Weight (unstrung): 300 g (+/-7 g).
  • Balance (unstrung): 325 mm (+/-7 mm).
  • In grip size 2 + 3.
  • Available strung or unstrung. Cover not included.

STIGA Supreme Tennis Racket – for advanced players seeking perfection
STIGA’s solid background in racket sports since 1944 means that we know what we’re best at: making rackets of the highest quality that help players develop and reach the top of their game. That’s why we’re proud to present the STIGA Supreme Tennis Racket, combining the best of both worlds to provide speed and spin, without compromising on control or accuracy! 

With its stringing pattern of 16x19, it gives you extra power. On ball contact, the racket grip helps you generated maximum spin and speed. In addition, the Supreme’s racket head measuring 100 square inches offers a generous sweet spot. This abundance builds playing confidence in every shot while also offering exceptional comfort – so you can focus on your positioning play.

The best thing about the STIGA Supreme is its flexibility and adaptability. The weight and balance can be adapted precisely to your preferences and playing style. Irrespective of whether you prefer power baseline shots or precision play at the net, you can adapt the racket to maximize your potential and achieve superior control over the ball.

STIGA Supreme is made from high-quality materials that guarantee long racket life and performance. The ergonomically designed grip provides a comfortable, stable grip that reduces the risk of fatigue during long matches and lets you focus on playing your best game. Whether you’re a pro or enthusiast, STIGA Supreme will take your game to new heights. Give yourself the advantage with this fantastic racket and experience the perfect combination of speed, spin, and control!