Yonex Rexis Comfort 1,30mm hvit 12m set

Artikkelnr.: rexscmf130

The Yonex Rexis Comfort string is a premium multifilament developed to provide a perfect combination of power, feel and comfort.

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Yonex has pulled out all the stops in developing an extremely high-quality string. The impact is very soft, almost mellow in the good sense of the word. The ball leaves the string fairly quickly, giving us great ball speed. The feel is remarkable for a multifilament. We were able to distill a few well-felt bumps thanks to this exceptional string.

This is a very forgiving string, because on off-center shots, no bad vibrations were felt in the forearm. We know that Yonex is a technology enthusiast, and this Rexis Comfort demonstrates the brand's Japanese know-how.