MSV SWIFT WHITE 200M RULL. Max. comfort!

Artikkelnr.: 4880

A complex mix of 6 different materials are processed in 3 steps to produce a very soft, monofil co-poly string with a high level of comfort.

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Compared to other co-polyester strings with a similar characteristics profile (such as the Luxilon Alu Power), the MSV SWIFT offers above-average comfort (+10% points), tension stability (+8% points), power (5% points) and control (3% points, all values come from The absolute value for control is 95%.

The round shape of the MSV SWIFT makes it a good choice for hybrid stringing.

The MSV SWIFTwas tested by 20 players (members) of the European Stringers Association (ERSA). The result has now been published in the Pro Stringer Magazine (Nov. 2022). A clear recommendation is given for the string. It scores above average in almost all important parameters. A copy of the English article from the magazine can be found at the bottom of this page for a download.

Recommended for normal and narrow string bed patterns. Pre stretch not necessary.

Made in Austria

Som importør og eksklusiv distributør for alle MSV produkter til Norge kan vi levere disse tyske kvalitetsproduktene direkte til deg som kunde til engrospris

Farge: Hvit

Rull med 200 meter. Holder til ca. 17 racketer.