Stiga Ace 2

Artikkelnr.: 2202-0502-01

Stiga Ace 2 er oppfølgeren til den populære padelracketen Ace fra Stiga. Akkurat som forgjengeren så har Ace 2 en rund form, lav balanse og Hypersoft Foam, som er en EVA-kjerne med en unik densitet som gir deg en optimal følelse under spill.

PrisNOK3 790,00 inkl. mva.
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  • A powerful, responsive, round padel racket in a new and updated Scandinavian design – STIGA’s top-of-the-range model.
  • Carbon Xtreme surface layer with 24K carbon filaments per cm² provides better response and recoil on ball contact.
  • Power Grip – a rough surface that enables faster ball spin.
  • Diamond Touch – a perfect balance of speed, control and feel, it also has a “forgiving” capacity when the ball is hit outside the center.
  • Weight: 365 g +/–10 g. The product is specified for this weight and is not weighed separately for individual orders.
  • The racket has a maximum length of 45,5 cm and is approved for all types of competition. Case not included.

ACE 2 is the follow-up to STIGA’s successful racket ACE, and is a fast, stable and powerful padel racket in a minimalistic Scandinavian design that is completely uncompromising. It also comes with both technical and visual updates that take the game to the next level.

Among other things, the racket is updated with a hard, rough Power Grip surface that provides a better grip on the ball for maximum spin and effect in every stroke. It is suitable for enthusiastic hobbyists as well as competition level players who are looking for maximum speed, explosiveness, precision and control on the court.

ACE 2 is also handcrafted in carbon fibre with a Carbon Xtreme surface layer of 24,000 carbon filaments per cm² (24K), compared to industry standard of only 3K per cm². The more carbon filaments, the faster and more responsive the surface is to catching and recoiling the ball, making it significantly faster than other rackets on the market.

In addition, the Carbon Flexi Frame is made of 100% carbon fibre, which contributes to a more durable construction, better stability and increased impact resistance. The EVA Hypersoft Foams unique density work together with the carbon fibre to provide speed when the player needs speed, and control when the player needs control.
The racket is also equipped with a large, advanced sweetspot: Optispot PRO provides more power, speed and feel, even when the ball is hit outside the center. Its round shape means that the sweetspot is located in the middle of the racket, for increased control and margin of error.
When all the racket’s characteristics such as speed, control and feel work together, it contributes to what we call the Diamond Touch — high speed, unbeatable control and maximum feel in every stroke.