Starvie Raptor Evolution 2022/23

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Starvie Raptor Evolution er håndlaget av de beste materialer ved egen fabrikk i Madrid. Raptor er et perfekt valg for spillere som søker en balansert racket med en hard flate. Raptor er laget med dobbelt lag 3K karbon slik at den gir mye kraft og kontroll

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This racket is made of carbon 3K and the new material Carbon Colours 3K in red. Despite the racket being of soft rubber V30, it is hardened thanks to the texture on the face (Full Plane Effect), as well as from the two layers of carbon. This composition lends itself to the highest demands of the game, offering the best elasticity, durability and comfort in each shot.


  • NEWCarbon Colours 3K. The racket head is made of red carbon 3K. It offers high resistance to meet the demands of play.
  • Round shape, with its sweet spot at the centre of the plane.
  • The roughness of the plane surface (Full Plane Effect) helps players achieve greater precision in the effect of each stroke. StarVie works this roughness directly from the mould.
  • Metallic paint.
  • Includes the Star Balance system in the racket throat, giving it a perfect weight balance and stability.
  • Two layers of carbon on the core: Carbon Colours 3K + Carbon 3K.
  • Soft density rubber V30, though hardened by the use of the two layers of carbon which give it the excellent control and power.
  • It is 100% made in Spain



  EVA Rubber:

  Soft V30


  Two layers of carbon: Carbon Colours  3K + Carbon 3K


  Carbon 3K


  350/385 gr