Starvie Metheora Black

Artikkelnr.: methblack-k2

Starvie har lansert en Limited Black Edition utgave av sine 3 bestselgende modeller fra Premium Line: Metheorea, Astrum og Raptor.

PrisNOK3 390,00 inkl. mva.
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The new Metheora from the Black Edition line. This model is designed for advanced players looking for a balanced racket with a soft rubber feel and a point of stiffness thanks to its two layers of carbon and rough-textured face to offer greater control and power, allowing the player to adapt to any situation on court.

  • Two layers of carbon on the head: Colours Carbon 3K silver + Carbon 3K. The racket is hardened by the use of two layers of carbon that gives it greater control and power.
  • Round shape, its sweet-spot is in the centre of the racket.
  • Its rough-textured surface on the head comes directly from the mould and stands out for its durability. The Full Plane Effect technology allows you to hit the ball with greater precision.
  • It incorporates the Star Balance system in the heart of the racket, providing a perfect balance of weight.

  • Soft V30 rubber density. The racket is hardened by the use of two layers of carbon that give greater control and power.

  • Product manufactured 100% in Spain, Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara).