Starvie Aquila Pro 2024

Artikkelnr.: PSTAP11000-356

Aquila Pro har lenge vært en av de mest solgte modellene til Starvie og er en meget god racket i sin prisklasse.

PrisNOK2 390,00 inkl. mva.
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StarVie Aquila stands out for being a comfortable racket, which offers good sensations on court with a perfect balance between power, control and ball speed. It is also surprisingly easy to handle thanks to its Pro 50 rubber density in its core. It is designed for mid-level offensive players looking for racket with excellent manageability.


NEW: Power Balancetechnology located in the heart of the racket that optimises the distribution of the racket's weight, thus providing greater balance towards the head and achieving excellent power

Reinforcement Torsion System, applied to the core of the racket to help reduce the vibrations transmitted to the handle of the racket.

Anatomic Bridge Design, technology applied in the heart of the racket.