Basalto Osiris 2022

Artikkelnr.: bas22

Basalto Osiris er en dråpe formet konkurranse racket fra Starvie. Modellen brukes av den spanske padel stjernen, Coki Nieto.

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Teardrop-shaped mould with the sweet spot at the top of the racket. It stands out for its Basalt and Carbon composition, which provides durability and resistance.

It is a racket with an excellent ball output and good control and manoeuvrability.

The optimal point of the hit is located in the upper part of the plane thanks to its teardrop shape.

The density of its soft rubber contributes to achieving a balance between power and control.

It incorporates the Star Balance system. Asymmetrical core piece that provides perfect balance and weight balance.

Chameleon paint on the heart of the racket.




Shape: Tear

Frame: Carbon 3K

Core: Basalto and Carbon 3K Carbon

EVA Rubber: Soft V30

Weight: 350-385 grs.

Profile: 38mm