Oxdog Hyper 2.0 Tour HES-Carbon PowerRibs 3D DR 2024

Artikkelnr.: 8241521

Den mest allsidige og balanserte racketen i Hyper familien. En control/power racket med medium balanse.

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Introducing a new generation of padel rackets featuring modified shapes, innovative technology and beautiful minimalistic design. Hyper 2.0 rackets are designed to minimize air resistance with the side port technology, ensuring optimal performance. The PowerRibs™ on the sides and the new extra force rib system at the top provides excellent balance and power.

Hyper 2.0 Tour is the versatile and balanced one of the family, with Control-Power attribute and Med balance.

Weight: 360g / Foam: Medium

It features all the Oxdog technologies, common in most of our rackets:
DSH – Double Size Holes: A perforation system designed to enhance playability outside the sweet spot.
PowerRibs: Rails on the frame designed to reduce vibrations and provide greater balance.
HES-Carbon: The characteristic carbon of the brand. Highly reactive, rigid, and capable of converting all the energy generated by the player into power. Additionally, it extends the lifespan of the rackets.
Vibradamp: Four silicone insertions under the grip that reduce vibrations, protect the player’s health, enhance grip and serve as the perfect complement to our double-layered grip in our ongoing efforts to minimize vibrations.
RBS – Racket Balance System: A 8 grams weight in the cap that can be easily removed through a simple screw. Its goal is to allow the player to play with the balance and weight of the racket. The perfect complement to our new interchangeable weight system included in all the rackets: OptiWeight.