Osaka Vison Power

Artikkelnr.: PR221280000

Racketens hybridform sammen med en middels balansert vekt gjør at man får en fin kombinasjon mellom fart og kontroll. En modell for offensive spillere.

PrisNOK1 290,00 inkl. mva.
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The Vision Range is a great-looking choice for players starting out with padel that wants to push their game to the next level. They not only look great but also offer a twin-tube glass fiber frame which is an excellent benefit to have at this price point. the large surface area will help you strike the ball with a great feeling.

The Vision – Power in Grey Maroon was the initial shape used by our sponsored players. This is the shape we have used as the base for the development of our new Power Frame shapes. It is a traditional teardrop shape with a power bar offering a bit more stability and stiffness than traditional teardrop shapes.

Its balance center point is slightly more towards the head of the bat because of the teardrop geometry. The Touch® foam gives this racket its specific feeling. This is ideal for many different situations and allows you to return the ball effortlessly with great precision.


  • Sand Surface 
  • Double-Stage Frame 
  • Osaka Touch® Foam 
  • Glass Fibre face
  • Carbon Fibre Frame