Head Alpha Pro Graphene 360+

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Head Alpha Pro er designet for erfarne spillere som søker touch og presisjon. Pro er den mest kontroll orienterte racketen i Alpha serien.

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Endorsed by Sanyo Gutiérrez, the ALPHA PRO PADEL RACQUET is built for advanced players who want the perfect balance of precision, control and feel. With carbon in the hitting surface, the racquet offers more control than any other in the ALPHA series. For enhanced flex and feel, the racquet is made with Graphene 360+ technology. You will experience a magical touch with this teardrop-shaped racquet, with its unparalleled comfort, feel and maneuverability.

• Magic touch and precision for experienced players
• Endorsed by Sanyo Gutiérrez
• Carbon in the hitting surface for control and touch
• Graphene 360+ technology for enhanced flex and feel
• Exceptional comfort, feel and maneuverability

WEIGHT:375 g / 13.2 ozHEAD SIZE:465 cm² / 72 in²BALANCE:270 mm / 1.7 in HHBEAM:38 mm / 1.5 in