Starvie Metheorea Warrior "Mati Diaz".

Artikkelnr.: methw21

Den absolutte toppmodellen i Starvie`s premium linje er Metheorea Warrior. Denne racketen er signatur racketen og er oppkalt etter padel-legenden Mati Diaz. Et topp valg for konkurranse spillere som foretrekker en balansert racket.

PrisNOK3 890,00 inkl. mva.
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Matias Diaz´s racket, "The Warrior", with a totally renewed design for this 2022, which includes his logo and signature in the design.

It is a model aimed at advanced level players looking for a very balanced racket in the centre of the shot.

Round shape, its optimal point is in the centre of the plane.

The roughness in the plane (Full Plane Effect) helps players to achieve the greatest precision in the effect of each stroke. StarVie works this roughness directly from the mould.

It incorporates the Star Balance system in the heart of the racket that provides perfect balance and weight balance.

Shape: Round

Frame: Carbon 3K

Core: Double Carbon layer 3K

EVA Rubber: Soft V30

Weight: 350-385 grs.

Profile: 38mm