Sane Assassin Legend 2023

Artikkelnr.: snassasleggr23

Assassin er blant toppmodellene til den Argentinske produsenten, Sane som har laget premium racketer siden 1989. Flere av Norges beste padel-spillere har Sane som sitt valg!

PrisNOK3 290,00 inkl. mva.
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The Assassin Legend is an excellent option for professional players. Its round drop hybrid shape provides a perfect balance between control and power, while its medium balance allows for excellent maneuverability.

The aluminized 12k 20mm textreme plate provides a strong, resilient surface, and its compact core provides a more solid feel and stability in the game.

Give this racket a try and you will never want to play with anything else!

Racket technical characteristics

  • Player level : Advanced - Professional
  • Weight : 355/375 gr
  • Balance : Medium/High
  • Shape : Hybrid drop-round
  • Core : Compact
  • Frame : 100% Carbon  
  • Plate : TeXtreme 12K 20mm aluminized
  • Texture : 3D Texture
  • Drilling : Exaholes 

Since the start in 1989, SANE has been known to build very balanced rackets with the best materials and technical innovations so that the rack is perceived as light and flexible. Our experience and knowledge has been shown to reduce the risk of tennis elbow.