Head Delta Junior 2022

Artikkelnr.: 228302

En junior padelracket fra Head som er utviklet for aldersgruppen 10-15 år og som vil ha en konkurranse racket å utvikle seg med.

PrisNOK990,00 inkl. mva.
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Beskrivelse fra Head.com:

Lighter than the adult DELTA racquets, which makes it easier to handle, the DELTA JUNIOR PADEL RACQUET is designed for competitive juniors who want to play with lots of power. Recommended for juniors who are 10 or older, this oversized, teardrop-shaped racquet is made with power foam, with the frame reinforced with Innegra technology for enhanced shock absorption and stability. To extend the racquet´s lifetime, it comes with the Integrated Protector System, a pre-molded carbon bumper which protects against chips and scratches.

• Power for competitive juniors
• Lighter and easier to handle than adult DELTA racquets
• Power foam
• Innegra technology for enhanced shock absorption and stability
• Carbon bumper protects against chips and scratches

WEIGHT:320 g / 11.3 ozHEAD SIZE:525 cm² / 81 in²BALANCE:275 mm / 2 in HHBEAM:38 mm / 1.5 in