Artikkelnr.: nxwptnexo

WPT Nexo er toppmodellen til NOX av runde kontrollracketer. Med en hard overflate gir racketen også rikelig med fart i slagene. En ru overflate sørger for bedre underskru på slicene dine.

TilbudNOK2 950,00 Førpris:NOK3 390,00 inkl. mva.
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  • Control heaven – With several technologies all designed to maximise the control of your shots, you will struggle to miss.
  • WPT level – World padel tour standard, the highest and most desired level that Nox design, this one really is a different level.
  • Spin crazy – With a rough surface and spin technologies, slice and topspin will be made easy.
  • Round shape with large sweet spot to increase comfort and control
  • High density core to increase power
  • Longer racket handle to make it easier to grip
  • Rugged surface allows you to grip the ball more, meaning when you try and slice the ball of get top spin, it will be a lot easier.
  • Multilayered core to make it a cannon on court, giving you an aggressive shot.
  • 100% carbon frame - giving it maximum durability.
  • AVS (anti vibration system) this will help you with any arm/wrist pain as well as helping your control.
360-375 g
38 mm