Nox ml10 Luxury Titanium Carbon 3

Artikkelnr.: PML10LUX-carb-3

NOX er av mange regnet som "padel racketenes Rolls Royce" og fabrikanten sparer ikke på tekniske finesser eller går på akkord med material valget på racketene i Luxury Line.

PrisNOK2 690,00 inkl. mva.
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The new LUXURY TITANIUM 3K shares all of the same features with its predecessor that made it one of the most successful models of the brand:3K braided carbon faces and frame mounted on a diamond-shaped mould for aggressive players who want a loyal ally.

Two improvements have been incorporated in this new edition:firstly, HR3 rubber which, together with the 3K carbon faces, has been one of the most powerful combinations in laboratory tests.

Secondly, we have incorporated the AVS lateral anti-vibration system turning the LUXURY TITANIUM 3K into a padel racket of extraordinary strength and consistency.